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It is a pleasure to introduce you to our company.

Sam Shin Chemical Co., Ltd. Was established in 1972 as a manufacturer of fluorescent whitening agents, wet-strength and sizing agents. With our strong commitment to research and development, we have grown up one of the leading suppliers of additives for paper making industry in Korea. Now we’re pleasedly to introduce ourselves and our products to overseas customers.
Paper is called the well-spring of civilization. It is a material people cannot live without, particularly in today’s increasingly information-centered society. Therefore, paper industries has been developed in proportion to the economic growth and cultural progress. This elevation demands various kinds of paper in each purpose. Eventually, to survive the severe struggled for existence in the internationally opened competitive society, paper industries have to satisfy consumer’s various demands and needs. SamShin’s Chemicals help paper manufactures with whiteness beyond description, invulnerable wet strength, distinct printing improvement.
We believe that our most important task is to always provide the highest quality products promptly and at stable prices. We are working hard to complete a unified and consistent supply system with understanding that the perfection of chemical lies in its harmony with nature.
As a paper-additives manufacturer we’ll do our best to make a contribution to society by providing our finest products to paper industry and by achieving co-existence with nature.

Thank you.